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Two Time Award-Winning for Knutsen


Two Time Award-Winning for Knutsen

As we wrap up 2019, we were honored to recieve the 2019 best video and best logo awards through Pillar. Thank you for being a part in our story as our company grows and continues to establish itself in this community. Moving forward to 2020, our hope is to reach new clients and assist our current clients anyway we can!

Our team at Knutsen Lanscaping would be honored to come and talk with you about your outdoor living needs. Please contact us for further information about a project specific to you. We love to design and create projects that enhance your at-home experience. Click here to watch a video about our beautiful and functional creations.

Three Reasons to get a 3D Design


With a 3D rendering of a backyard remodel or hardscape construction, you can see the finished product before a shovel ever hits the dirt. 3D design programs come loaded with countless color options and a vast library of plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees so that you can see exactly what you’ll get from the beginning! With a 3D design, you can adjust the settings in order to see what your design will look like in any season. Knutsen Landscaping’s team often shares great designs alongside great projects in our galleries and portfolios, proving that a solid design at the beginning can guarantee a final product you’ll absolutely love!


Not only do 3D designs look great and help you better picture the final outcome of your project, they give our team a stronger plan to work from. Design programs double as basic CAD programs, ensuring that the project will progress much easier with accurate measurements, and ultimately save you on labor costs. When we have a 3D rendering of what you love, we know exactly how to bring it to life, and the project can be completed much more efficiently.


Since 3D designs can help homeowners get an accurate idea of what a project will look like, it opens the door to exploring new ideas. For example:

  • Landscape lighting can be changed out, with night shots to show what the illumination will be like.
  • Patios can get straight lines or curved.
  • What will a fire pit look like?
  • Will the landscaping provide enough screening?
  • What will the trees look like in five years?

When a design can be provided that goes beyond verbal description or typical 2d overhead views, the project can start to come to life even before the first shovel goes into the ground!

The Fire and The Fall

Knutsen Landscaping is embracing this chilly, fall weather fully! Join the dozens of families in Lancaster County already utilizing their uniquely designed fireplaces for this beautiful autumn weather.

Our sophisticated designs include many styles, shapes, and sizes just right for your home’s backyard! These fireplaces and fire pits are perfect for gathering family and friends. Whether you are telling campfire stories, roasting s’mores, or just cozying up by the fire to keep warm, this addition to your home’s exterior will add value. Knutsen Landscaping’s team will intentionally discuss safety precautions for your family, stylistic design and colors, while balancing functionality and use.

In a turn on the old saying, where there’s fire there’s smoke. Thankfully, there are ways to minimize that problem, by creating a smokeless or near-smokeless experience. One excellent product that Knutsen uses is the Zentro Fire Pit Insert by Breeo. The Zentro is designed to fit into most standard fire pit structures; it’s available in 24-, 28-, and 32-inch sizes, both circular and square. Steel and stainless steel options are available in all sizes. (In addition to the inserts, they also offer standalone firepit models.)

Contact us for a free consultation and pricing today.

Trees for Fall and Winter Planting

It may be warm this week, but there are only 84 days left until Christmas! Fall is a great time to plant trees, as winter is the season for crucial root growth.  While many trees are dormant above ground during the cold season, beneath the surface, their foundation is growing rapidly.

Thinking of a adding a tree to your landscape? Don’t wait to enjoy it!  Properly dug trees don’t take three years to achieve their beauty.  Knutsen Landscaping will bring you a properly raised young tree and get it off to a great start in its new home.

Here are some exciting new tree varieties we are pleased to recommend!

Cedrus atlantica ‘Horstmann’ is a unique, semi-dwarf blue evergreen (pictured left) reaching a height of 15 feet and usually not more than 10 feet wide.

Picea abies ‘Cupressina’ is a fast-growing, narrow column-like Norway spruce. It can be reasonably tall, up to 45 feet. It can function well for privacy and as a wind screen.

A variety of Colorado spruce with intensely blue-colored needles with a silver overlay, the Picea pungens ‘Blue Diamond’ has a soft texture.

The red maple Acer rubrum ‘Franksred Jr.’, as known as Redpointe, is an all-around improvement of the Red Sunset. (pictured at right)

Acer truncatum x plat. ‘Urban Sunset’ is one of the best looking maples we’ve grown! At 40 to 50 feet, it thrives in full sun or a shadier area with well-drained soil.

One of the prettiest purple-leafed crabapples, Malus ‘Royal Raindrops’ has excellent leaf retention, and its color performance is unmatched.

The summer foliage of the Nyssa sylvatica ‘Green Gable’ Black Gum is a lustrous deep green, turning to classic bright red fall color. Its superior form and appearance make it a great addition to any landscape.

Double pink flowers smother the branches of Prunus ‘First Blush, a very narrow cherry in early spring. It has a refined appearance due to its upright growth.

Quercus bicolor ‘American Dream’ is a great-looking swamp white oak, with dense, vigorous leaves. (pictured at left)

The experts at Knutsen Landscaping are anxious to give you the leafy green backyard additions you’ve been dreaming of! Call today to get started on your landscape and tree planting project!

Late Season Outdoor Living Construction

Typically, when people think of the best time to start a patio or outdoor living project, they assume the spring or summer months are the best and most obvious choice. After all, contractors are back in full swing, the weather outside is much more inviting, and the warm weather means the ground isn’t frozen solid.

Contrary to this popular opinion, there are some good reasons to plan and install a patio in the fall and winter months. The weather can be cold, but the advantages of constructing a patio in the frigid months far outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of a fall/ winter worksite can have for every homeowner:


At the first sign of spring, we all look for an excuse to get outside and put an end to our winter-induced cabin fever. What better time to break in a brand new patio area? Add a fire pit into the works and stay warm even on the crisp cool nights. Wintertime construction opens the door for early spring use of the hardscaping. It also keeps things moving in terms of finishing the landscaping around the patio. When the hardscaping can be done in the winter, and the landscaping in the spring, the backyard can be looking sharp and fresh by the time cookout season hits in summer!


Everyone loves a deal. If there’s a way to invest in the property value of your home, and spend less, that’s a win for everyone. Every spring, the cost of hardscaping materials typically go up anywhere from 5-10%. However, when the planning for a project begins in the fall and the construction starts before the end of the year, the price of materials hasn’t gone up yet. These savings can be lost with even just a few months of delay.


While the hard ground may seem like something that would prevent hardscaping from happening during the winter, it actually makes the job quite a bit easier. Grass and plants grow dormant in the winter to survive the cold weather, making them less prone to being damaged by equipment and foot traffic. Likewise, as the ground hardens, divets and ruts become less frequent, also minimizing the amount of touchup needed at the end of the project (leading to lower labor costs too). This becomes even more important if a patio or hardscape project is going in around a lot of existing landscaping.


Because the busy season for most landscaping companies come during the spring, summer, and fall, a new project can sometimes be at the mercy of the jobs in the queue before it. If one job goes longer than expected, all the jobs afterward get pushed back. But as winter hits and things slow down, the job list shortens. Scheduling becomes easier because contractors and subcontractors are more available, and timelines are quicker than normal.

Don’t forget to maintain your hardscape

Hardscapes can make beautiful and aesthetic additions to your lawn but it’s important to remember that – like garden beds – your hardscapes need to be maintained.

Luckily, hardscape maintaince is not expensive or time-consuming when done regularly. With a few simple habits, you can ensure that your hardscapes regularly look fresh and pristine.

  1. Keep your hardscapes clean. Stone, brick, and pavers may appear to be entirely durable but these strong materials are susceptible to the elements. Use a broom or hose to clean off hardscapes and walkways regularly. You may need to pressure wash, when dealing with particularly stubborn stains.
  2. Check for damage. Cracked stones or pavers can usually be replaced easily, and the earlier damage is noticed, the simpler the repair. Sealant can help your pavers shine and more importantly, help protect them from the elements that cause stains.  Paver manufacturers, such as Unilock, have paver varieties available that are sealed during production.  Unilock calls this “Easyclean stain resistance”.  Check them out here and here.
  3. Prioritize drainage. Water can cause substantial damage to your hardscapes, so ensuring proper drainage is of paramount importance. When considering the construction of a hardscape, it’s important to remember proper drainage to direct water away from your hardscapes, or elevation, to ensure that water does not pool. If you find water is pooling on your hardscapes, consult Knutsen Landscaping to determine a solution.

Knutsen Landscaping has the expertise to guide you in the right direction from day one on your paver, brick or natural stone hardscapes.  If you already have a patio and are looking for some advice on how to properly care for it, contact us today!   Don’t neglect these important components of your yard!


A Garden of Variety

Gardens are often the focal point of any well-maintained lawn. The vibrant colors and visual interest is intended to attract attention. If you’re looking for new ways to add some variety to your garden this summer, it may be time to explore some unique options. Knutsen Landscaping can turn your ideas into a reality!

  1. Ornamental grass – It is easy to maintain and provides a distinct look to your garden beds. It makes a lovely backdrop to make the flowers pop. The grass should be well-watered, particularly during dry summer months, but it does not need to be cut down before the chill of autumn sets in.
  2. Trees – Never underestimate the beauty of a shady tree or two in your garden beds. The greenery presents a compliment to your flowers and can provide the perfect location for a shady bench to enjoy the warm weather. Our team is experts at tree installation!
  3. Paths – Nothing will get people walking through the garden faster than a safe, well-lit, beautifully laid path. Choose the right color, shape, and width for your space with the Knutsen’s expert team, and you can be talking your very own garden walk each morning as the flowers open.

Regardless of the size of your garden, variety can add visual interest and a unique flair, just in time for your summer get-together. Knutsen Landscaping can help you implement your ideas and design an idea place for you to relax on your property.


Creating a new summer space

Summer is here, and as we all migrate outdoors to enjoy the warm weather, you may be itching to throw an evening party to kick off the sunny days ahead. The experts at Knutsen Landscaping offer several services to help you create the perfect place to entertain.

  1. Add an outdoor kitchen and grill area. This addition will instantly turn your backyard into the neighborhood “party place.” A grill is one thing – but a fully stocked outdoor kitchen, prep area, and propane-powered grill is another! Knutsen Landscaping can help you fulfill your goals for creating the perfect entertainment area for your summer backyard bashes.
  2. Have a fire pit installed. Fire pits are an up-and-coming trend that continues to grow in popularity. Not only are they perfect for future chilly, autumn evenings, but they can provide a cozy gathering place on summer nights as well. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows around the fire or looking for warm ambience to enhance your backyard, Knutsen Landscaping can help your fire pit plans become a reality.
  3. Enlarge the patio. Maybe you don’t have a patio, or maybe you have a small area on to which you’ve crammed a table and chairs. Now is the perfect time to freshen up the space! The experts at Knutsen Landscaping can make your backyard dreams come true by providing you with a spacious and tasteful area large enough for the whole neighborhood.

The experts at Knutsen Landscaping are anxious to give you the backyard additions you’ve been dreaming of! Call today to get started on your dreamy summer space.


A Fresh Take on Hardscapes

Property owners are always seeking ways to enhance value and curb appeal. This summer, has offered some suggestions to help you revamp the atmosphere of your lawn and turn it into your favorite summer hang out spot.

  1. Grass – Grass? Yes, grass! A new trend that has recently gained traction is the incorporation of grass into Grass-jointed paving paths provide visual interest and a natural, informal look to an otherwise one-dimensional walkway. Grass is a lush, fresh option to add a burst of color to your hardscapes. Knutsen Landscaping’s experts can help you design a walkway or path perfect for your site.
  2. Crushed stone – Crushed stone, or pea gravel, is a simple way to create a walkway without undergoing a large construction project. Not only is crushed stone an eco-friendly hardscape option, but it’s relatively inexpensive and simple to construct. Depending on your use, Knutsen Landscaping can help you plan the ideal situation to make use of this versatile material.
  3. Concrete pavers – Pavers come in all shapes and sizes. The methods and technology that are used in producing pavers have greatly expanded this industry.  From residential sidewalks to airport runways, there is a paver to fit most any application.  Of course, the right installation methods and base are crucial to ensure that the pavers last for many years to come.  The right installation methods can far outlast traditional asphalt or poured in place concrete!  Knutsen Landscaping’s team can use the variety of color and texture in the pavers to create a scene that is not only eye-catching, but a classy, cozy way to enhance your property.   And we can properly install your project so that it lasts for many years to come!
  4. Permeable sidewalks – One of the best aspects of permeable sidewalk material is that it allows rain to penetrate the earth through the joints, so it is the perfect material to be used for sidewalks and patios. Permeable sidewalks and patios, made from natural materials or pavers, is one of Knutsen’s freshest take on your next project!
  5. Flagstone – If you’d like your lawn to acquire elegance, all you may need is one simple ingredient. Flagstone is simple but chic, and can be specifically shaped to fulfill your walkway wishes. Flagstone laid by the experts at Knusten Landscaping is unobtrusive and versatile, and can serve as a unique compliment to your yard’s foliage.

Regardless of how you’d like to spruce up your outdoor space, there are a variety of options to choose from when considering adding hardscaping. Contact Knutsen Landscaping today to plan your hardscaped walkway, patio, or retaining wall!


Project Showcase: Strasburg, PA, Firepit and Patio

On their beautiful Strasburg, PA, property, this customer wanted a convenient, flat outdoor area to extend the living space of their lower finished basement. This family wanted to sit around a fire, grill, and roast marshmallows! They also anticipated a usable area for potting plants, an outdoor hobby that this client enjoys. The professional team at Knutsen Landscaping made all these dreams come true! We even installed lighting under the wall caps and a pillar to string lights above the patio to the house.

The existing grade made a nice spot for us to install a custom seating wall extending around the patio area and end at a decorative pillar to break the grade from the upper yard area and deck. Knutsen’s team utilized natural stone veneer for the wall, firewood box, pillar and fire pit, and natural Pennsylvania flagstone provided the accent caps.  The pavers we selected are high-quality Unilock Bristol Valley with Unilock Copthorne border. The Breeo smokeless fire pit insert with Swing Away Gril and post accessory completes the functionality of this beautiful space.