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Landscape Lighting

You’ve invested considerable time and resources to making your home and outdoor living space look just the way you want it. But what happens when the sun goes down? You certainly don’t want to lose all that beauty and curb appeal! Proper lighting will not only carry your design beyond the daylight hours, but it will allow you to create a new and exciting nighttime landscape.

Be sure to take the right approach in designing the lighting for your landscape. It may seem, for instance, that a trade electrician is the best place to start. But this decision may not afford you all the expertise you need for your outdoor lighting project! Trade electricians can certainly get the job done, but landscape lighting is not usually their wheelhouse. For the best results, a landscape designer is a much better choice.

In particular, there are three advantages to choosing a professional landscape designer for your outdoor lighting design:

  1. Although a trade electrician can certainly install your lighting, a designer brings a trained, professional, artistic eye to your design. Coming to a landscape designing like the professionals at Knusten is like asking a fine artist to paint your mural—rather than a house painter. You’ll get a much more aesthetically pleasing result. You and the designer can determine just what effect you want to achieve with your lighting, whether it’s a romantic, dramatic, mysterious, or other type of atmosphere you wish to create.
  2. Lighting designers like the team at Knutsen is knowledgeable about the growth of trees, shrubs, and other softscaping elements on your property. Such expertise can ensure that the design you create will evolve with the desired effect as years go by and your foliage changes. You don’t want to be disappointed when your landscape grows over the years! A landscaper will take these natural changes into account in the design.
  3. Landscape lighting typically relies on stepped-down power from your house, reducing 120-volt household current to a safer 12 volts. Because of this you do not need to trench the wire at 18” deep like you would with 120 volt. The wire just sits below your mulch or decorative stone in your beds. Running all the wire through the beds and out of beds is a landscaper’s specialty. They will have a much better understanding of how the system functions in and through your beautifully landscaped beds and how to restore to perfection after the job is complete!

It is definitely in your best interest as a homeowner to select a trained landscape professional to bring the right light design to your landscaping. Contact Knutsen Landscaping to speak with a lighting designer, and discuss the possibilities for showcasing your front yard and lighting up your entire outdoor living space.